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The Danish Association for Peace and Stabilisation Response

The Danish Association for Peace and Stabilisation Response (in Danish: FSB- foreningen), was founded in 2001on a private initiative. It is a non-political association. Its main purpose is to establish a network between Danes taking part in international humanitarian projects and to mediate contacts to Danish authorities and international organizations.

The FSB association has a board of 8 persons. They follow the developments in Danish administration within the area of Peace and Stabilisation Response. The board has close contact to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the administrative organization NIRAS. This includes regular meetings with the responsible staff members on recent developments, politics and the results of the focal point meetings in EU and OSCE. Besides, the FSB association proposes topics to be debated at the focal point meetings. Also subjects such as criteria for appointment to missions, security questions, evaluation, payments and improvements of the conditions for participants in international humanitarian missions are debated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and NIRAS. The board members have in few cases taken direct contact with the EU and the OSCE about claims from individual members of the association.

The board organizes seminars and conferences about political subjects relevant for its members and   once a year a general assembly is held for all the members.

The association has its own homepage (, besides a closed Facebook- profile where members debate, share experiences, upload photos and information about missions, they participated in.

The FSB association is interested in having contact with similar associations in other countries.